Augmented Reality for industry 4.0

Eterio Realities delivers Augmented Reality production software tools to first line workers that integrate into existing workflows and add real value to production cycles.

Who we are

Eterio Realities is a group of industry leaders and software engineers that specialize in Augmented Reality for Industry 4.0. Our flagship product, FabStation, uses break-through Mixed Reality technologies to visually place 3D assets into a worker’s normal workflow for construction and inspection. This is done through the use of a tablet or Hololens 2.

What We Do

Our Mission is to fully utilize the rich information embedded in 3D assets to enhance and then replace the flat 2D information currently used in construction.

We are committed to helping the AEC industry realize the full potential of their 3D BIM designs.  We endeavor to deliver useful 3D constructible information to workers.

Where We Are

Our offices are located in beautiful Victoria, BC in Canada.

Our Products

FabStation - STEEL

FabStation-STEEL is bringing augmented reality steel production tools to the fabrication floor with real-time reporting and data exchange with the office. Drawings, 3D models, status updates and time and material tracking are the basis of a system that will level-up your operations.

Coming Soon!

More FabStation products on the way.

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