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Eterio Realities delivers Augmented Reality production software tools to first line workers that integrate into existing workflows and add real value to production cycles.

XR Unity Developer

Do you have or would like to have experience developing Mixed Reality and Augmented Reality applications?  Want the flexibility of a hybrid home/office work schedule?  Do you like the challenge of complex R&D project development using new or emerging technology?
If so, great! Eterio Realities Inc. is the right fit for you. We are a growing, product ready, start-up that has recently launched its first product FabStation, an industrial MR/AR platform.  We are currently looking for an XR Unity developer to join our team in developing new features and maintaining existing systems.
  • 5 years of software development experience minimum
  • Computer Engineering Degree or equivalent experience
  • 3 years professional Unity 3D experience
  • 3 years professional experience with C#
  • 1 year XR related experience
  • Vuforia experience
  • Unity for HoloLens 2 – MRTK
  • Knowledge of CAD or 3D modeling implementation
You will be part of a small team and will be required to come up with creative solutions to problems and work on complex R&D projects using new/emerging technology.  There is a strong potential for your position to grow with the company.
  • Familiarization with existing systems
  • Small implementations
Weeks 2-4
  • Maintenace implementations
Months 2-4
  • Assist with R&D for new features
  • Continue to maintain the existing system
  • R&D work of improving existing features start and progress over the next 3 months.
Months 4 and beyond
  • Head new R&D projects 
  • Maintenance will become routine and you will have mastered all systems
  • Customer-driven feature requests will be assessed and implemented on an on-going basis
  • Competitive salary based on experience and capabilities
  • Benefits package
  • Potential for bonuses based on performance
  • To apply, please fill out the form below and send your PDF resume to the address provided.
  • Contracting agencies need not apply.

Please note that this position is for CANADIAN RESIDENTS only.

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